Ship carbon neutral with our Carbon Offset Program

Make your supply chain more sustainable and reach your corporate responsibility goals by going 100% carbon neutral

Environmental impact starts with your supply chain

If the shipping industry were a country, it would be the world’s 6th largest polluter. For individual companies, shipping can create more than 50% of their total carbon footprint** – but it’s an often overlooked opportunity to make a huge impact.

Protect the environment and your bottom line

You can offset up to 100% of your shipping-related emissions for a small donation per shipment. Just ask, and it’s done. It’s an affordable, easy, and high-impact way to meet sustainability goals alongside your business goals.

Through our partner,, a leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit climate solutions provider, your donations are invested in certified projects like renewable energy or deforestation prevention, effectively offsetting your CO₂ emissions. Additionally, you’ll be eligible for globally accredited distinctions, including the Carbonfree® Shipping designation. And all donations are 100% tax deductible.

See your impact, so you can take action

You can use Flexport’s free Carbon Emissions Calculator to track and analyze your carbon footprint in real time, whether you ship with us or not. We’ve worked with environmental consultants to develop a rigorous, comprehensive methodology for calculating carbon emissions. Our platform automatically evaluates a variety of important factors to assess the emissions on a shipment level and allows you to analyze your emissions by transit mode, supplier, destination and more.

With our calculator and reporting, you can demonstrate the quantitative good your organization is doing through offset shipments. At the same time, you can use our carbon calculator ahead of shipping to make decisions on both the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible methods for moving your freight.

Success Story Klean Kanteen takes innovative steps for its carbon footprint

A certified B-corporation, Klean Kanteen relies on accessible data about the environmental impact of its supply chain.

So when Klean Kanteen Sr. Supply Chain Manager Brett Renlund heard Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen describe our predictive emissions tool, it caught his attention. “We had just selected new forwarders, but innovation like this really stood out, so I had my logistics manager look into it and we were really impressed by the whole platform,” he said.

“[With the additional data on our shipment emissions], it didn’t take long before we were ready to switch the bulk of our freight to Flexport. It was a no-brainer,” notes Renlund.

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