A fund for shipping,
whenever aid is needed

The Flexport.org Fund breaks down financial barriers for organizations that do good at scale, with 100% transparency and accountability for everyone.

Support global aid and see your impact immediately

The Flexport.org Fund empowers individual donors and organizations to have a global impact by donating funds to support NGOs and nonprofits with their ongoing work or in times of crisis.

It’s Flexport.org’s mission to facilitate and empower those doing good around the globe, so NGOs and nonprofits receive shipping and financial support from our experts, while donors get full visibility and accountability on fund distribution and impact.

The Flexport.org Fund is managed by CAF America. Aside from a small admin fee that goes to CAF America for managing the fund, all proceeds subsidize shipping and freight service costs for NGOs and donation shipments from Flexport clients.

Funding need when it’s needed most

When an environmental or social crisis happens, its reverberations can be felt over great distances, and even generations. To maximize the amount of help we can provide, it’s critical to send aid as soon as possible.

NGOs and nonprofits often don’t have the immediate or sufficient funds for logistics costs, or the technology and supply chain resources to quickly mobilize and deploy aid. When you donate to the Flexport.org Fund, you’re giving our NGO and nonprofit partners the opportunity to spring into action and focus their energies when they’re needed most. We will share details about projects funded on our Donate page.

Support goodness at scale

Through the Flexport.org Fund, NGOs and nonprofits no longer have to worry about spending valuable resources and time on logistics, and can use the Flexport platform to ensure their services and supplies are effectively deployed.

The proceeds from your donations pay for shipments intended for disaster relief, economic development, product donations from Flexport clients, and nonprofit logistics costs.

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Customs brokerage services are provided by Flexport’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Flexport Customs LLC, a licensed customs brokerage with a national permit.

International ocean freight forwarding services are provided by Flexport International LLC, a licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary FMC# 025219NF.

U.S. trucking services are provided by Flexport International, LLC, a FMCSA licensed property broker USDOT #2594279 and MC #906604-B.

All transactions are subject to Flexport’s standard terms and conditions, available at www.flexport.com/terms