Put your unused goods to good use

Donate supplies and excess inventory to people in need – and we’ll get it to our network of NGOs and nonprofits with speed, transparency, and accountability.

Good is always in demand

A crisis isn’t required for people to be in need. Whether it’s medical supplies, building materials, or simple necessities like socks or toothbrushes, your products can always help others locally or globally.

With Flexport.org, excess inventory due to returns, small imperfections, or a product change doesn’t have to go to waste. Ask Flexport if there’s a way to donate and put your products in the service of good.

Mobilizing donations for maximum impact

Supply chain logistics are incredibly complex. So it can be difficult to even know how to support a good cause, let alone coordinate shipments to a crisis area.

With our technology, infrastructure, and expertise, Flexport.org is uniquely built to mobilize your donations, so supplies and excess goods can get to areas of need easily. The Flexport platform gives you end-to-end transparency to track your donations with real-time updates. Once the shipment arrives, our network of NGO and nonprofit partners provides local, on-the-ground expertise to ensure your shipments are received and distributed.

Discounted shipping and donation support

When you donate products or supplies through Flexport.org, you’ll also get significant discounts on shipping. Additionally, our team can provide marketing support to celebrate your donation with press releases, case studies, and more. And any donation made through Flexport.org is 100% tax deductible.

Success Story Helping communities one pair of socks at a time

New York-based sock company Bombas has a two-fold mission: Create the world’s best everyday socks and help communities in need by donating one pair of socks for each pair sold.

With Flexport, they found a partner offering visibility into shipment status and a dedicated team that advises on operations strategy. They also quickly realized that Flexport.org could help to move their donations with the same efficiency and cost savings.

“Flexport helped us move 1.2 million socks directly from our factory to our donation partners. They advised on where to consolidate shipments to save on cost and time, ultimately getting those socks to our donation partners 60 days earlier than anticipated,” says Drew Morrison, Director of Operations.

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