You're on a mission.
We can help you fulfill it offers end-to-end shipping support and donation sourcing for NGOs and nonprofits. So you can focus on people – not logistics.

Clearing the way for aid, especially when crisis hits

The complexity of logistics and high freight costs can be huge barriers to delivering aid. With our technology and expertise, eases the hassles of logistics, ensuring that your organization’s shipments are received by the people who need them.

And in times of crisis, we’ll go the extra mile to optimize your shipments for the highest speed. Our technology gives you full transparency so your organization has the greatest impact possible.

Discounted shipping services

When delivering aid at scale, people – not costs – should be your top priority. Whether it’s air or ocean freight, offers discounted rates on shipments for NGOs and nonprofits. By shipping with us, you’ll get full visibility and real-time updates through our platform, including a dedicated team that can respond to any question, day or night. When helping others is urgent, your resources should be spent on the people you help – not surging freight costs or managing shipments.

Pro bono supply chain counseling and free supplies

Flexport offers free shipping advice to help you manage aid efforts, whether you ship with us or not. With decades of expertise in the freight industry, we can ease the hassle and complexity of moving your goods and supplies. With our technology and shipping network, we can suggest how to optimize your shipments and get them to their destination faster.

And before you need to ship, we can suggest options for procuring and sourcing donations through our client network, so you receive products and resources you need, even if your aid efforts aren’t part of a high-profile news cycle.

Success Story Airlink delivers hope in the South Sudan

Famine and ongoing conflict in the South Sudan have created food shortages and cut off access to critical services like medical care and supplies. Airlink, in partnership with International Medical Corps, reached out to for assistance in moving relief cargo from London to Juba, South Sudan.

“Airlink is practiced in humanitarian logistics, but the current circumstances in South Sudan make it incredibly difficult to safely transport relief cargo into the region,” says Airlink Humanitarian Programs Manager Stephanie Austin. “Our partnership with Flexport helps us work on these more complex airlifts and ultimately expands Airlink’s capacity.”

The first shipment coordinated with Airlink was 1500 kg of medical supplies in August, 2018.

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